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Luštica Bay

Welcome to Luŝtica Bay, a magical destination that beckons you to discover, explore and connect with the dramatic beauty of Montenegro.

Soulful , Serene and Unique
This enchanting haven is home to a vibrant town where culture , heritage and gastronomy combine to create authentic experiences, as the glorious UNESCO - protected Boka Bay mountains dramatically meet the Adriatic endless beauty and potential await giving you a sence of peace and belonging.

The Location
Montenegro´s beauty is unsurpassable. It features some of the most magnificent landscapes in europe and its rich history, UNESCO - protected sites, pristine beaches and stunning national parks are magical. The Bay of Kotar is enchanting-a home to majestic mountains, old stone houses , ancient fortresses, secluded beaches, hiking trails and ancient olive groves.These treasuresmake Luŝtica distinctly unique.


Luŝtica Bay Today
Since its inception in 2008, Luštica bay has been rising from the roots up to nowbecoming a town connecting communities whochoose to live life as it should be. With an objective for your life to be beautifully
convenient and your time well spent, our coastal town is now home to the renowned Chedi Hotel, four beaches , more then 20 retail spaces offering a full dining and shopping experience, sports courts, a bustling marina village, and oerfect family living neighbourhoods.


The Vision

Our story and its reflective plans continue to build a growing town for communities to expand and facilities to encompass every need. Our masterplan includes more than 3.000 apartments and 300+ townhouses and villas, ranging from apartments and townhouses to full-on private villas. With a total of more than 6.000 residents.


7 world-class and boutique hotels, 2 marinas with approximately 220 berths, a gas station and a port of entry, the first residential golf resort with a 18-hole golf course designed by Gary Player a legendary south African PGA Tour participant. Moving forward with the objective to offer you a full infrastructure, our plans include developing a medical centre and an international school, making your life at Luštica Bay even more complete.

As our story continues, our concern for the environment will not eaver, with sustainable development remaining a priority. Which manifests in the footprint of only 10% on a total area of 7 Mil. squaremeters.


Luštica Bay is home to a collection of vibrant communities that reflect the diverse lifestyles of its residents. We have up to now 48 nationalities within our Luštica Bay. Choose stunning waterfront views and the buzzing life of Marina Village. Or why not make your home at Centrale, a combination of residential and commercial neighborhood with lively streets, lined with retail, restaurants, cafes and a buzzing Piazza surrounded by restaurants and bars mostly run by locals.


Ecology & nature
Our sustainable architecture narrates the raw beauty of Montenegro and is a visual expressionof its culture and heritage. Reflected in all our designs, every aspect of the project is deeply rooted in the land and culture it belongs toInspired by Montenegro`s bountiful tradition.


Luštica Bay, with soft-hued stone living spaces punctuated with terracotta tiles and sea blue wooden shutters, becomes a timeless pulse of the peninsula´s geography.


  1. Marina Village Residences
    - Studio apartment SOLD OUT
    - One-bedroom apartment 564.000 euros (starting price)
    - Two-bedroom apartment 815.000 euros (starting price)
    - Three-bedrooms 982.000 euros (starting price)
    - Townhouse SOLD OUT
    - Villa SOLD OUT

  2. Centrale
    - Studio up to three-bedrooms (70 to 215 square meters)
    - Studio SOLD OUT
    - One-bedroom 383.000 euros (starting price)
    - Two-bedroom apartments 429.000 euros (starting price)
    - Three-bedroom apartments 619.000 euros (starting price)


  1. The Peaks
    - one up to three-bedrooms (104 to 169 square meters)
    - One-bedroom 738.000 euros (starting price)
    - Two-bedroom apartments 740.000 euros (starting price)
    - Three-bedroom apartments 1.150.000 euros (starting price)
    - Townhouse Three-bedroom 1.866.000 euros
    - Villa Two-bedroom 2.571.000 euros
    - Villa Three-bedroom SOLD OUT

Lustica_Bay_Townhouses_04 (1).jpg

Studio (coming soon), 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-bedroom apartments, townhouses and villas

From € 383.000 - € 2.571.000


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1 - >2


Luštica Bay, Montenegro



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