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Saint Peters Bay & Port Ferdinand
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Clear Caribbean waters lap gently on the white sand beach of Saint Peter’s Bay. It is here, on the idyllic northwestern coast of Barbados, where your dream of owning a luxury beachfront residence comes to life. Your villa is everything you’ve ever pictured in your mind’s eye: spacious and open with gracious finishes and appointments and expansive views of the Caribbean Sea from every room. 

Something magical happens when you decide to commit to ownership at Port Ferdinand. Certainly, there are the obvious benefits; such as your luxury villa, your marina slip, access to all the amenities and all the benefits that accompany ownership; however, there’s something more: a sense of belonging. You belong with this community and among your fellow owners and, beyond that, you belong with this island, with her people, and with the sea. You belong at Barbados. A place where you no longer go to visit, but, as an owner, you come home to.


Sea views | Marina views


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2 - 5





In connection with the Sale of Real Estate on Barbados , we have a partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada to serve you even better.

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