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What you're looking for, we've already found.

Ter Borch Real Estate

You have found your dream house but want to make sure you get the best advice on the purchase. At Ter Borch real estate we help you with the process of buying a house; from obtaining a loan to negotiating and more.

Ter Borch Real Estate

Ter Borch real estate will help you sell your real estate. Our team will guide you; whether you want to sell your real estate yourself or want us to sell it for you. We will help you get the best outcome as possible.

Ter Borch Real Estate

You are insterested in investing in real estate; maybe you want to buy a dream house, get a holiday home or look for a commercial property. Ter Borch real estate wll help you find what you are looking for.


In order to serve you even better for the sale or purchase of your property, we have a partnership with Sotheby´s. Together, we can do the very best for you. If this appeals to you to market your property in this way, please contact us.

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Ter Borch real estate offers luxury real estate internationally in several countries. Are you looking for a house right at the beach? Or a villa located in the middle of the mountains? We will help you to find the perfect property!*

* Starting from € 2.000.000

Ter Borch Real Estate

Our team consists of experts with various backgrounds specialized in accounting, law, financial planning, mortgage banking, architecture and other disciplines. We will provide support and guidance from the initial stage of choosing the property, all the way to the purchase and completion. Ter Borch’s agents appeal on an impressive range and complexity of business backgrounds to help bring about a higher outcome for each and every client.

Our staff helps clients all over Europe to find the right Luxury property and we also help with Laws & rules, regulations & documentations. The quality of our work highly relies upon the knowledge and experience of an extensive & trusted network of development consultants and partners. We are well known for the sustainable and fair work relationship we maintain with our fellow European colleagues.

Richard ter Borch

Owner of Ter Borch Real Estate

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